Goal 1

Decrease toward elimination of existing racial equity gaps at the College, with the goal of eliminating gaps by the conclusion of the EMP in 2025.

EQ Goal 1 Performance Indicator

Full equity numbers for all disproportionately impacted student groups identified in COM’s Student Equity Plan have been realized by 2025. (Note: Goals set in the Student Equity Plan are based on minimum equity numbers calculated by the Chancellor’s Office; this goal reflects the full equity numbers).

Objective EQ1.1

Routine, disaggregated data analysis at both the institutional and program level identifies particular areas of concern and charts progress toward Goal E1 attainment.

Objective EQ1.2

Data-informed, equity-minded, ongoing professional development expands faculty, staff, and administrator capacity and capability to meet Goal E1.

Objective EQ1.3

All academic programs identify and carry out data-informed, equity-minded, program-specific changes through the program review process toward Goal E1 attainment. 



EQ Goal 1 Progress Report 2019-2020

EQ Goal 1 Progress Report 2020-2021