Goal 2

Hire, support, and retain equity-minded employees reflective of the diversity of the student body and expect all College employees to approach their work with equity-mindedness.  

EQ Goal 2 Performance Indicator 1

Faculty and staff demographics more closely match the demographics of students and/or implementation of equal employment opportunity (EEO) practices.

EQ Goal 2 Performance Indicator 2

Aggregate data from employee evaluations and/or program reviews indicate improvement in equity-minded practices.

Objective EQ2.1

All aspects of hiring processes prioritize the hiring of equity-minded employees who understand and take ownership of racial equity gaps at the College.

Objective EQ2.2

All new employee services and programs utilize an equity-minded approach to employee support and retention.

Objective EQ2.3

Evaluation tools and processes are equity-minded. 



EQ Goal 2 Progress Report 2019-2020

EQ Goal 2 Progress Report 2020-2021