Goal 2

All facilities are conducive to 21st century teaching and learning and are maintained in a high functioning, safe, clean, and environmentally sustainable manner, aligned with the Measure B schedule.

CS Goal 2 Performance Indicator

Data compiled from Measure B quarterly reports, maintenance reports, and Facilities Master Plan 2016–2021 implementation demonstrate all classrooms and facilities meet standards for 21st century teaching and learning and environmental sustainability.

Objective CS2.1

Ensure efficient use of bond funds and complete all capital projects on both campuses on schedule and in alignment with other COM plans.

Objective CS2.2

An up-to-date and viable Facilities Master Plan is maintained.

Objective CS2.3

Adequately maintain all College properties and facilities with environmental sustainability in mind that supports the mission of the College.



CS Goal 2 Progress Report 2019-2020

CS Goal 2 Progress Report 2020-2021