Goal 1

Enhanced partnerships with business/industry to meet student and local workforce needs.

CER Goal 1 Performance Indicator 1

Eighty-Five percent of students enrolled in CTE courses report being employed in a job very closely or closely related to their field of study within 18 months of leaving the College. Source: SSM Launchboard. 

CER Goal 1 Performance Indicator 2

Increased participation in advisory councils (CTE and otherwise) and increased involvement with other business/industry groups connected to student and local workforce needs.

Objective CER1.1

Develop and implement mission-aligned plan for expanding business, industry, and community partnerships, in collaboration with the work team for Instructional Programs Objective 1.1.

Objective CER1.2

Delivery methods for current and potential educational content meet community, industry, and other mission-specific needs.



CER Goal 1 Progress Report 2019-2020