Goal 2

Enhance and optimize partnerships between COM and the K-12 educational system, including IVC offerings.

(See Instructional Programs Goal 2)

CER Goal 2 Performance Indicator 1

Increase in the number of historically underrepresented students participating in K-12 programs. Baseline will be enrollment in academic year 2019–2020.

CER Goal 2 Performance Indicator 2

Increase in students participating in COM K-12 programs who enroll at COM or four-year institutions in the fall term after graduation.

Objective CER2.1

Concurrent enrollment framework provides college access to a greater number of high school students, especially under-represented, and leads to increased college attainment and success for these students, in collaboration with the Instructional Programs Objective 2.1 work team. 

Objective CER2.2

A college-going and degree-completion culture exists among target students in diverse communities in partnership with K-12.



CER Goal 2 Progress Report 2019-2020