PRIE provides leadership, guidance, and support for the College's institutional planning processes—including the development, production, distribution, monitoring, and assessment of the Educational Master Plan 2009-2019, the three-year strategic plans, and other College plans.

College of Marin Educational Master Plan 2019-2025

The Educational Master Plan (EMP) 2019—2025 is the collective vision for the College of Marin (COM) for the next six years. It flows from COM’s mission and is the principal document guiding all other institutional planning and decision making, including strategic planning, resource allocation, evaluation, and outcomes assessment. 

The Educational Master Plan 2019—2025 builds on the substantial progress made in the ten-year Educational Master Plan 2009-2019. During the last 10 years, changes at COM and in the global environment occurred so rapidly that a six-year educational master plan was developed to better accommodate the pace of change.  Much has been accomplished in expanding K-12, workforce and other community partnerships, increasing dual-enrollment of high school students, enhancing support for new students and furthering their progress once enrolled, and improving facilities, finances, philanthropic support, and planning and use of data for decisions.

The Educational Master Plan 2019—2025 was developed with broad internal and external input, analysis, and discussion. The six focus areas of the EMP include student access and success, equity, instructional programs, Indian Valley Campus, community engagement and responsiveness, and college systems.

Embedded within the Educational Master Plan 2019—2025 is the Strategic Plan 2019—2022, the first of two three-year strategic plans, which describes the objectives and actions steps the College will take toward achieving the six-year educational master plan goals.

College of Marin Educational Master Plan 2009-2019

College of Marin's Educational Master Plan 2009-2019 (EMP) is the principal document guiding all other institutional planning and decision making, including strategic planning, resource allocation, evaluation, and outcome assessment. It projects the future of College of Marin for the coming decade and makes general recommendations that address current and foreseeable challenges.

The plan's analysis of internal and external data and the resulting 19 broad recommendations (organized into four categories: student access, student success, college systems and community responsiveness) provide a common foundation for discussion about the College's effectiveness in fulfilling its mission; together they are intended to serve as the basis for the College's three-year strategic plans and to inform annual unit plans.

Mission, Vision, and Values (Mission reviewed/approved 4-11-15 by the Board of Trustees)

College of Marin Educational Master Plan 2009-2019:

College of Marin Strategic Plan 2015-2018

This is the third and last iteration of strategic planning within the College of Marin’s 10-year Educational Master Plan. Much has been accomplished. The 2015-2018 plan carries forward and expands on some of the existing EMP goals and adds new objectives. In addition, our objectives are becoming increasingly measurable as we focus more on the outcomes of our activity. We remain committed to student access, student success, improving college systems and community responsiveness.

College of Marin Strategic Plan 2015-2018 (Approved by Board of Trustees 10-20-2015)

Progress Reports

College of Marin Strategic Plan 2012-2015

College of Marin's Strategic Plan 2012-2015 benefits students and the community as a whole by prioritizing the Educational Master Plan recommendations, creating strategic objectives that address these recommendations, and identifying action steps for accomplishing specific objectives. The goal has been to create reasonable, doable and measurable objectives that focus our community and our resources on improving services to students to promote student success.

Progress Reports

College of Marin Integrated Planning Manual

The College of Marin Integrated Planning Manual was developed to guide integrated, institutional planning at the College. The manual describes the ways that the College's constituent groups participate in and contributes to College planning. Revisions to the document are a result of the ongoing assessment of timelines and specific functions associated with the College's planning and resource allocation process made by the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC).

The document contains a description of the integrated planning model and its key planning documents. It then outlines specific tasks to be accomplished, processes by which decisions/recommendations will be developed, timelines for each task, individuals or groups responsible for completing the tasks and individuals or groups that will receive the recommendations and render final decisions.

COM Integrated Planning Manual (Revised 7-23-2012)
COM Integrated Planning Model (Revised 4-19-2011)

College Planning Documents for Specific Areas

Inventory of College of Marin Plans

Distance Education Plan

College of Marin Distance Education Plan 2016-2019

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

College of Marin Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (Revised November 2016)

Facilities Master Plan

College of Marin Facilities Master Plan 2016-2021

Institutional Transfer Plan and Outcomes Report

College of Marin Institutional Transfer Plan and Outcomes Report Spring 2016

Integration Plan

Integration Plan 2017-19

Professional Learning Plan

College of Marin Professional Learning Plan 2021-2024

Student Equity Plan

Student Equity Goals and Activities for 2017-2019 Plan

Student Learning Outcome Assessment Plan

College of Marin Assessment Plan Addendum Spring 2016 
College of Marin Assessment Plan 2012

Technology Plan

College of Marin Technology Plan 2012–2017 
Information Technology Assessment Report (6-29-2012)

Archived Planning Documents

Archived planning documents prior to 2013