Fact Book

The following Fact Book dashboards contain current and historical data about College of Marin student enrollment, demographics, degrees and outcomes. Unless otherwise noted, the dashboards display data from PRIE's internal data warehouse, compiled from various campus data systems, and COM's MIS data from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO). The numbers appearing on these dashboards may be different from those found elsewhere due to population and metric definitions, data sources, and the time period referenced.

Student Headcount icon

Student Headcount

This dashboard's "Census Snapshot" displays the unduplicated student headcount at first census for the current term by various student characteristics, and compares first census headcount over the past four years. On other tabs, users may compare end-of-term headcount over the past 5 years by term or academic year, and disaggregate by various student demographics.

First census and end-of term data for the previous semester are both updated after first census each semester.

Enrollment Success icon

Course Enrollment, Success, and Retention

This dashboard displays course enrollments, success rates, and retention rates for the most recent term. Equity gaps in success and retention are also displayed using a disproportionate impact (DI) calculation. Data are displayed by course modality, division, and various student demographics. Users may compare enrollments by term or academic year over the past 5 years.

Data for each term are updated within 3 weeks after grades are posted.

Award and Transfer icon

Awards and Transfer

This dashboard displays data on the number of students earning degrees, certificates, and transferring to 4-year institutions by term and academic year. Metrics include time-to-degree and time-to-transfer in years, the total number of awards conferred, and the number of students earning awards. Users may view award data disaggregated by award type, discipline, program, and various student demographics. Transfer data can be disaggregated by student demographics, last declared major at COM, and system/institution of transfer.

Data are updated in January and July each year.

Student Cohort icon

Student Cohort Progress and Outcomes

This dashboard displays various student success metrics for the cohort of students starting at COM in a given semester. Users may view data on persistence, degree/certificate completion, and transfer for selected student groups including learning communities, dual-enrolled high school students, and declared majors, as well as student demographics.

This dashboard is being built and will be available by Fall 2023.


equity icon

Student Equity Metrics

This dashboard displays data provided by the Chancellor’s Office on various student success metrics, disaggregated by student demographics, and includes a calculation of disproportionate impact (DI). These metrics are used to develop COM’s Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Plan.

Data are updated annually as provided by the CCCCO.