November 2015

By admin
November 1st, 2015 - 12:00am

Ever wonder how many Marin County students enroll directly to COM after graduating from high school? I did, and I am pleased to report that this fall, 22 percent of the 2015 high school graduates joined us. I am especially pleased because not only did the number of students who enrolled increase (from 342 to 478), it happened despite a decline in the number of graduating seniors (from 2,291 to 2,132). I would like to thank our K-12 partners and our many faculty, staff, and managers who helped make this happen.

A goal is in place for next year, and it’s built into our new strategic plan as a component of overall efforts to increase enrollment. In the coming year, we intend to raise the Marin County high school graduate “capture rate” yet again, to 30 percent. With our continuing team effort, I have no doubt we will achieve the goal.