Data Nuggets 2019

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October 2019

In Fall 2019, the number of first-time freshman enrolled at COM was the largest in the past 5 years, increasing from 502 in Fall 2015 to 649 in Fall 2019.  

September 2019

In Fall 2018, to address equity and accessibility barriers for students due to the high cost of textbooks, COM began offering courses through the Zero Textbook Cost Program (ZTC).

May 2019

As COM has expanded its distance education course offerings, the number of COM credit students enrolled in DE courses has increased as well.  

March 2019

High Failure Rate Courses-Fall 2015 Through Fall 2018.  Substantial work has been done at COM to improve students’ success since our last report on high failure rate courses. The current report covers the time period since that last report.  

February 2019

Two of the student success objectives in COM’s 2015-2018 strategic plan are showing signs of improvement.  Also, a larger percentage of these students earned at least 30 units in 3 years.  

January 2019

COM’s noncredit enrollment increased in Fall 2018 from the previous fall.  Mostly, this increase was due to new students.