Data Nuggets 2015

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December 2015

Approximately one-fifth of students enrolled for credit at the College have already earned a bachelor’s degree.

November 2015

Ever wonder how many Marin County students enroll directly to COM after graduating from high school?

October 2015

Reducing the time it takes for students to earn their degree is one of COM's strategic plan goals.

September 2015

All California Community Colleges are receiving additional funding to improve student success. Also, to assure equitable progress by gender, race/ethnicity, income, disability, foster youth and veteran status. To be considered inequitable progress, a group’s success rate must be 80 percent or less of the highest achieving group’s rate. At COM, African American and Hispanic students are less likely to make progress on several of the 8 metrics. 

April 2015

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office produces the Student Success Scorecard each year to show student progress at each college and for all colleges combined. Each of the metrics tracks students across 6 years, so the most recent results are based on the cohort that entered in 2008-09.

March 2015

Results of the formal evaluation of the Mini-Medical School (MMS) are in, and they affirm the event’s success.

January 2015

You can now find student and faculty responses to all Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) questions on the PRIE website. As PRIE continues to explore these data, brief topic-focused reports will be posted there as well, such as the one that shows us how College of Marin differs from other colleges.