Goal 2

Increase enrollment of adult students—both credit and noncredit—who have not gone to college and need support; improve outreach strategies to all of Marin’s adult populations.

SAS Goal 2 Performance Indicator

Five percent increase in the number of applicants age 25 or older enrolled within one year of application. Baseline is 2651 students; target is 2785. Source: SSM Launchboard.

Objective SAS2.1

All students, including adult, ESL, and nontraditional students, experience a simplified enrollment process.

Objective SAS2.2

Increased number of adult re-entry students who enroll in credit courses.

Objective SAS2.3

Outreach strategies that target adult students are developed, in collaboration with the work team for College Systems Objective 4.2



SAS Goal 2 Progress Report 2019-2020