Goal 1

Reduce barriers to access and to students achieving their educational plan goals in a timely manner; create a welcoming atmosphere with increased human contact.

SAS Goal 1 Performance Indicator 1

Five percent increase in applicants enrolled at COM within one year of application. Baseline is 52.3%; target is 54.9%. Source: SSM Launchboard.

SAS Goal 1 Performance Indicator 2

Five percent increase in students persisting from fall to spring. Baseline is 71.8%; target is 75.4%. Source: SSM Launchboard.

Objective SAS1.1

Increase the hours and usability of student services, including evenings and weekends. 

Objective SAS1.2

Provide necessary information so that students can make informed math and English placement choices, in collaboration with workgroup for Instructional Programs.

Objective SAS1.3

Improve the evaluation process that provides students with degree-applicable transfer units.



SAS Goal 1 Progress Report 2019-2020