Goal 1

Clarify various educational pathways, strengthen existing and develop new curriculum to support those pathways, connect pathways in new ways, and educate faculty to become more knowledgeable about pathway opportunities.

IP Goal 1 Performance Indicator 1

Nine percent decrease in average number of units accumulated by degree earners. Baseline is 93; target is 85. Source: SSM Launchboard.

IP Goal 1 Performance Indicator 2

Decrease by 15% the proportion of students accruing more than 60 units at COM at the time of transfer to a four-year institution. Baseline is 53%; target is 45%. Source: National Student Clearinghouse, COM MIS data.

Objective IP1.1

Student journeys will be clearly mapped for all degree and certificate programs.

Objective IP1.2

Program-level maps will inform two-year course rotation blueprint designs and scheduling practices by faculty.



IP Goal 1 Progress Report 2019-2020