In 2016, COM’s Board of Trustees passed Resolution 2016-8, which included a new vision for IVC and a commitment to strengthening K-12 partnerships, maintaining and developing community accessible recreational facilities, and improving community outreach and partnerships. Following Resolution 2016-8, Marin County voters passed a $265 million bond measure, a major part of which is to update and better use IVC, including the development of many new facilities for educational, event, and community recreational use.

The following goals build upon this significant progress as well as integrate activity at IVC into all other focus areas of the Strategic Plan 2019-2022

  • Develop and implement a plan for educational use of IVC that brings more students to campus, allows programs to be completed, and serves multiple student pathways (credit, noncredit, not-for-credit).
  • Ensure that the new facilities at IVC are integrated into all other campus planning so that they serve educational, student support, and community needs.
  • Improve student access to IVC, including transportation.
  • Periodically assess Novato community needs and incorporate into IVC development.