Through the Strategic Plan 2015-2018, the College made progress in creating clear educational paths, course scheduling that meets student needs, improving basic skills completion, strengthening partnerships with K – 12 partners, and providing opportunities for faculty to collaborate.  

Between 2019-2025, the College will focus on the following goals to build on these successes:

  • Clarify various educational pathways, strengthen existing and develop new curriculum to support those pathways, connect pathways in new ways, and educate faculty to become more knowledgeable about pathway opportunities.
  • Implement a student-centric master schedule that meets student needs for timing, location and course offerings rotation.
  • Develop innovative offerings, scheduling, and delivery methods for student success and equity.
  • Create opportunities for faculty to collaborate and share effective teaching methodologies.
  • Improve completion of transfer-level math and English courses within a one-year timeframe through changes to curriculum and teaching/learning practices.