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November 2017

High school student enrollment in College of Marin’s (COM) College Credit Program (CCP) has increased.

October 2017

COM students are more likely to vote than students at other 2-year colleges in the U.S.

April 2017

Commencement is just around the corner and degree completion is on our mind.

March 2017

One of COM’s strategic planning objectives is to increase enrollment to its 2012 level. Working with the Enrollment Services Office, PRIE’s first look at data that might help to see where the College can improve its efforts focused on students living in the Bay Area but outside of Marin.

February 2017

COM’s Graduation and Completion Rates

January 2017

College of Marin's College Credit Program (CCP) gives high school students the opportunity to take COM classes for college credit.

November 2016

Some characteristics of College of Marin’s credit student population have changed.

October 2016

The College has a set of institutional standards, thresholds below which we will not drop without investigating the reasons and taking action to improve. One of those standards is the fall-to-spring persistence of our new students.

September 2016

One of COM’s strategic planning objectives is to decrease time-to-degree.

April 2016

The most recent California Community College Chancellor’s Office Student Success Scorecard includes a new metric, “Skills Builder.”

March 2016

In the 2014-15 academic year, COM enrolled 13,199 students.

February 2016

Successful course completion is key to earning a certificate or degree.