March 2019

By cmsiegenthaler
March 27th, 2019 - 9:55am

High Failure Rate Courses-Fall 2015 Through Fall 2018.  Substantial work has been done at COM to improve students’ success since our last report on high failure rate courses. The current report covers the time period since that last report. At that time, 28 courses were considered high failure. The criteria for consideration included enrollment of at least 70 students and a success rate less than 70% in at least half of the semesters in the analysis. COM’s institution-set standard for course success is 70%. This is the rate below which course success shouldn’t drop without investigating the reason and applying a remedy.

During the current time period, slightly fewer courses enrolled more than 70 students. Consequently, the enrollment criterion for considering whether courses were reviewed for their success rate was reduced to 50 in the majority of the semesters. The criterion for determining high failure continues to be courses with a success rate less than the institution-set standard of 70%. In this time period, 11 courses were high failure courses. Those courses are shown in this table. Five courses that were high failure in the previous report are still high failure in this time period: English 120, Math 95, Math 101, Math 103 and Biology 110.