February 2016

By admin
February 1st, 2016 - 12:00am

Successful course completion is key to earning a certificate or degree. The Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) Office identified 14 high-failure-rate courses that averaged ≥70 enrollment and <70 percent pass rate between fall 2011 and spring 2015. Those courses are:

Behavioral Science 103, Biology 101, Computer Information Systems 101, Computer Information Systems 110, English 92, English 92L, English 98, English 120, Math 95, Math 101, Math 103, Math 103A, Philosophy 110, Political Science 101

The full report on high failure rate courses, as well as additional studies of courses with high repeat and attrition rates are available on the PRIE website. These studies were conducted to assist the College in understanding the problem and improving student success.