April 2014

By noldendick
April 1st, 2014 - 12:00am

Do you know what percentage of first-time students who entered the College in 2007-2008 have either earned a degree or certificate, transferred to a 4-year institution, or completed 60 UC/CSU transfer credits (as defined in the Scorecard produced by the Chancellor’s Office)?
      A. 20-29%
      B. 30-39%
      C. 40-49%
      D. 50-59%

Answer: D. 54%    ( The Statewide average is 48%. The highest rate for California Community College Districts is Foothill-De Anza with a rate of 66%.)
Source: California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Data Mart. The 2007-2008 cohorts of students was tracked to see if they attained a degree or certificate, completed 60 UC/CSU credits or transferred by 2012-2013.